Will Hay Film Collection

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William Thomson "Will" Hay (6 December 1888 - 18 April 1949) was an English comedian, who achieved fame through his theatrical sketch as a joke-schoolmaster, which he took on world tours. He moved on to films, some of them continuing the schoolmaster theme, in which he also featured as a writer and director. In The Goose Steps Out (1942), his brand of humour was adapted for war propaganda. Hay was also a keen amateur astronomer, who built his own observatory.

Will Hay - Convict 99
Will Hay - My Learned Friend
Will Hay - Oh Mr Porter
Will Hay - Old Bones Of The River
Will Hay - The Big Blockade

Will Hay - Ask A Policeman
Will Hay - The Ghost Of St Michaels
Will Hay - The Goose Steps Out
Will Hay - Where's That Fire
Will Hay - Windbag The Sailor

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