The Illuminati Vol 2: The Antichrist Conspiracy

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The first chapter focuses on Americas involvement in wars around the world since WW 2 and It details how our children are being sacrificed daily by continual war which fits in with the genesis view on the conditioning to create a perfect environment for the antichrist. Next stop is the Pentagon the heart of all that is crooked in the US and structurally the heart of the satanic pentagram. The director takes us on a tour of buildings and sites in the US which are more than what they seem on the outside and hide totally Evil meanings for those who know the signs. Next up we take audience with the Antichrist and see just what is needed for the premier Son-of-Satan to visit earth and take up residence. Again the reasons are presented in a clear and totally coherent display of facts and figures. Chapter Two kicks off with symbolic meanings and the effect on our minds. Well this chapter will tell you all about how we are all living in one big Shit. Barcodes are tackled next and we find that all barcodes save postal codes all contain the numerical value of 666, in barcode format nicely explained to us by the founder of , Nick Franks. The rest of this chapter concentrates on Bill Clinton and Mind Control experiments in the US, Russia and China. The guest speaker for this is David Icke and, believe me, hes firing on all twelve in this one. Mind opening stuff! The end of the chapter concludes with the war on Tibet and how communist China has more in line with American global control than we could ever have thought possible. It gets quite emotional at the end when we hear of a young buddhist girls torture at the hands of her captors. Chapter Three starts from where it left off at chapter 2. We look closer into the events surrounding Tibet and how the British Government has conspired with the Illuminati to destroy the message that Tibetan Buddhism tries to convey. That being of, Peace, Non-Violence, Meditation and Compassion. Thru this practice, Tibetan monks have made great strides in understanding human consciousness; it is for this that the Illuminati need them out of the equation. This chapter describes and shows the lengths that the New World Order is prepared to go to, to ensure the suffering of the Tibetan peoples continues. The next part delves into the Kabballah and its ability to forge the antichrist by alchemy and demonic invocations. This part is truly amazing and for those who dont know of the Kabballah, it is a Jewish holy scripture written in code. It is also able to be used as an unholy roadmap to the antichrist but also contains many truths to which our reality exists. The highest Kabballistic truth being that all reality is really an illusion. Chapter Four, The Manhattan Project: This chapter focuses on Jack Parsons and a satanic ritual which was conducted called; The Babalon Working. I wont tell you what happened but, dear god almighty, this is truly f.u.b.a.r. and sends shivers down my neck to even think that someone would be stupid enough to do it. The chapter leads us to the creation of the GOLEM and just how experiments were conducted by rite of the Babalong Working to create the child of the antichrist on earth.

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