Star Trek Film Collection (Blu-Ray)

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Product information

Star Trek 01 - The Motion Picture 1979.mp4
Star Trek 02 - The Wrath Of Khan 1982.mp4
Star Trek 03 - The Search For Spock 1984.mp4
Star Trek 04 - The Voyage Home 1986.mp4
Star Trek 05 - The Final Frontier 1989.mp4
Star Trek 06 - The Undiscovered Country 1991.mp4
Star Trek 07 - Generations 1994.mp4
Star Trek 08 - First Contact 1996.mp4
Star Trek 09 - Insurrection 1998.mp4
Star Trek 10 - Nemesis 2002.mp4
Star Trek 11 - Star Trek 2009.mp4
Star Trek 12 - Into Darkness 2013.mp4

Please Note:

You will need a Blu-Ray player that plays media files OR a Blu-Ray drive in your computer to use this disc.

Technical specifications

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