Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Season 05

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Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) is an American television comedy series created by Joel Hodgson and produced by Alternaversal Productions, LLC. The show premiered on KTMA in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on November 24, 1988. It later aired on The Comedy Channel/Comedy Central for seven seasons until its cancellation in 1997. Thereafter, it was picked up by The Sci-Fi Channel and aired for three seasons until another cancellation in August 1999. 

The show initially starred Hodgson as Joel Robinson, a janitor trapped against his will by two mad scientists on the Satellite of Love and forced to watch a series of B movies as a part of the scientists' plot to take over the world. To keep his sanity, Joel crafts a number of robot companions—including Tom Servo, Crow T. Robot, and Gypsy—to keep him company and help him humorously comment on each movie as it plays, a process known as riffing. Each 90 min episode would feature a single movie in its entirety along with associated public domain films, with Joel, Tom, and Crow watching in silhouette from a row of theater seats at the bottom of the screen. These scenes were framed with interstitial sketches. 

The general format of an MST3K episode has remained the same throughout the series' run. Episodes are approximately 90 minutes in running time (excluding commercial breaks) and begin with a short introductory segment in which the human host and the 'bots interact with the Mads before being sent the movie. 

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List of episodes/Films

24 Jul 93   Warrior of the Lost World
17 Jul 93   Hercules
31 Jul 93   Swamp Diamonds
07 Aug 93   Secret Agent Super Dragon
14 Aug 93   The Magic Voyage of Sinbad
28 Aug 93   Eegah
04 Sep 93   I Accuse My Parents
11 Sep 93   Operation Double 007
18 Sep 93   The Girl in Lovers' Lane
26 Sep 93   The Painted Hills
09 Oct 93   The Gunslinger
23 Oct 93   Mitchell
30 Oct 93   The Brain That Wouldn't Die
07 Nov 93   Teen-age Strangler
13 Nov 93   The Wild World of Batwoman
20 Nov 93   Alien from L.A.
25 Nov 93   The Beginning of the End
04 Dec 93   The Atomic Brain
11 Dec 93   Outlaw
08 Dec 93   Radar Secret Service
24 Dec 93   Santa Claus
15 Jan 94   Teen-age Crime Wave
22 Jan 94   Village of the Giants
05 Feb 94   12 to the Moon

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