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230 Military History War Combat Ebooks & Magazines 2 DVD

Set 01 of 10

Covering various branches of the military and various periods in history.


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Each set of ebooks contain different content.

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Some ebooks are non-English.

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All items come on 2 DVD discs.


(P01-12) 69 Ton Signpost.pdf
(P14-21) Distant Target.pdf
(P56-65) Marder.pdf
[Almark] Uniforms and organization of the Imperial german army 1900-18.pdf
[Armour] Born in Battle The Yom kippur war by rusadir.pdf
[aviation] 132 C-7 Caribou In Action [Squadron Signal].pdf
[Beekman House] Heraldry And Regalia Of War.pdf
[Cambridge University Press] - A World at Arms - A Global History Of World War II.pdf
[CEF] Access to History - 001 - Gas Attack! - The Canadians at Ypres, 1915.pdf
[CEF] Access to History - 004 - Slaughter in the Mud - The Canadians at Passchendaele, 1917.pdf
[Classic Press] Camouflage and markings of ANR.pdf
[Classic Publications] HS129 Panzerjager.pdf
[eBook] (military) Anti terrorism survival bible 2.pdf
[eBook] (military) Pistol Training Guide.pdf
[Eksmo] Tiger.pdf
[FI] 1-2008 - Tanks in the battle for Grozniy p2.pdf
[FI] 9-2007 - Tanks in the battle for Grozniy p1.pdf
[HMSO] Vanguard of Victory - The 79th Armoured Division.pdf
[Marine-Arsenal] [Sp004 - Stalins Dickschiffe.pdf
[Maritime Books] Castle Class Corvettes [Sgl - Reducd in Oz].pdf
[Midland - Red Star 022] Mil's Heavylift Helicopters.pdf
[Midland] Famous Russian Aircraft Su 27.pdf
[Nowa Technica Wojskowa] - 01-2001 - AMX Leclerc.pdf
[Panzer Tracts] - Pz.Kpfw VI P (Sd.Kfz.181) - Porsche Typ 100 And 101 Tiger (P).pdf
[RU] AviaMaster - Westland Lysander.pdf
[Squadron-Signal Podzun-Verlag][Das waffen arsenal N° 186] - Die Deutschen Infanteriewaffen 1939-1945.pdf
[TBIU] Czolg lekki M3 Stuart (PL).pdf
[Tempus] The Archaeology of Airfields [Sgl and reduced in Oz].pdf
[Tornado 13] - Heavy Armored Cars Of The Wehrmacht Part 1.pdf
[Tornado Army Series 003] Mercedes, Opel, Krupp Trucks on Wehrmacht Service.pdf
[Tornado] - Motorized grenadiers of the Wehrmacht.pdf
[warship RU] Naval Battles of Russo-Japanese War.pdf
1000 Military Aircraft in Colour.pdf
1013 Soviet Wheeled armored vehicles.pdf
1015 Modern Soviet Warplanes Strike Aircrafts and Attack Helicopters.pdf
1016 Tools of The TradeThe Weapons Gears Uniforms of the IDF.pdf
1019 US Airpower at Sea.pdf
1020 Aviation Concord Publication.pdf
1020 The ATF Contenders YF-22 & YF-23.pdf
1034 Warships Slava Udaloy And Sovremenniy.pdf
1040 Kiev and Kuznetsov Russian Aircraft Carriers.pdf
111 RAF sqd and aerobatic team (Black Arrows 1959).pdf
115 Mig 3.pdf
122 Beaufighter.pdf
15th King's Hussars.pdf
186 Jagdtiger.pdf
1862273308.Spellmount - Luftwaffe Squadrons 1939-45.pdf
1904459277.Maritime Books Castle Class Corvettes.pdf
1939-1945 - British And American Tanks Of WWII - The Complete Illustrated History Of British, American & Commonwealth Tanks.pdf
2003 Operation Desert Shield.pdf
2008 US Military Handbook.pdf
21. PD in combat against US troops.pdf
26. Hawker Hunter F1--T66 in Royal Airforce and Foreign Service.pdf
3003 Red Stars Over Europe.pdf
3011 Hornet's Nest Marine Air Group 31.pdf
4+ Aviation - Westland Lysander.pdf
4+ Mark I guide Spitfire F Mk 22 24.pdf
4+ publication - Vickers-Armstrong Wellington.pdf
41_ot oboron_k_nastypleniy.pdf
5001 The Illustrated Guide to the World s Top Counter Terrorist Forces-ocr.pdf
6002 Imperial Rome at War.pdf
6003 military history like osprey ancient celts.pdf
6501 Waffen-SS 1 Forging An Army 1934-1943.pdf
6505 Fallschirmjager.pdf
6509 Stalingrad inferno The infantrymans war.pdf
6512 Soldat 1 The german soldier on the Eastern front 1941 43.pdf
6513 Soldat 2 The german soldier on the Eastern front 1943 44.pdf
6516 SS Artillerie Regiment.pdf
6520 The Italian Army.pdf
6524 Cassino.pdf
7 Rapidkreuzer Helgoland (alfetta).pdf
7002-D-day Tank Warfare.pdf
7004-Tank Battles of the Pacific War 1941-1945.pdf
7005-US Tank Destroyers in Combat 1941-45.pdf
7008 Tank Battles of the Mid-East Wars.pdf
7011-Soviet Tanks in Combat 1941-1945.pdf
7012-Stalin s Heavy Tanks 1941-1945.pdf
7014-Panzerwaffe at War 2 Moscow to Berlin.pdf
7015-Panzers in the East 1 The Years of Aggression 1941-1943.pdf
8361220003.Kagero - Top Colors. #05. Panzerwaffe - Poland 1944.pdf
A Bridge Not Attacked (Chemical warfare WWII) 981238152x.pdf
A Brief History Of The U.s.s. Texas [u.s. Navy Department, 1918].pdf
A Brief History of the USS Texas (1918).pdf
A Century of Submarines.pdf
A Chronology of Austrian Armed Forces At War 1939-45 1865083526.pdf
A Companion to the Roman Army.pdf
A Cumulative Bibliography of Medieval Military History.pdf
A Family's Guide to the Military for Dummies - (2008).pdf
A Family's Guide to the Military for Dummies (ISBN - 0470386975).pdf
A Fascist Century.pdf
A Frozen Hell Nov 1939.pdf
A Guide to the Battlefields of Europe 1853266949.pdf
A Shattered Peace - Versailles 1919 and the Price We Pay Today.pdf
A Taste of Wartime Britain.pdf
A Voice from the Holocaust.pdf
A-10 Warthog.pdf
ABC-CLIO - Intl. Warbirds - An Illustrated Guide to World Military Aircraft 1914-2000.pdf
ABC-CLIO - The Encyclopedia of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.pdf
ACE Publication - Asy Przestworzy 1939-1945.pdf
ACE Publication - Curtiss P-40 Warhawk.pdf
ACE Publication - Pod Lupa 01 - North American P-51, P-51A, A-36 'Mustang'.pdf
ACE Publication - Pod Lupa 07 - Macchi MC202 Folgore.pdf
ACE Publication - Pod Lupa 10 - Fokker D.21.pdf
ACE Publication - Pod Lupa 15 - PZL P.24.pdf
ACE PUBLICATIONS - Pod Lupa 102 - T-34-85.pdf
ACG 03 - Sherman in NZ Service 1943-45.pdf
Achtung Panzer No.5 - Stug III, Stug.IV & SIG.33.pdf
Action Publications Deutsche Panzer 1917-1945.pdf
AEF way of war,the american army in WW I.pdf
With Courage U.S. Army Air Forces in World War II.pdf
World War II Data Book - Hitler's Secret Weapons 1933-1945.pdf
WWII Tanks & AFVs.pdf
Wydawnictwo Militaria [104] - Curtiss P-40.pdf
Zdzislaw.Zygulski.-.Bron.w.Dawnej.Polsce (Polish-Weapons).pdf
Zeppelin - The German Airship Story.pdf
Aero Detail 01 - Messerschmitt Bf-109E.pdf
Aero Fan 2 - The Rich Booty - Italian aircraft in Luftwaffe service.PDF
Aero Fan 2 Il Ricco Bottino.pdf
AERO Heft 003 - Das illustrierte Sammelwerk der Luftfahrt.pdf
AERO Heft 004 - Das illustrierte Sammelwerk der Luftfahrt.pdf
Aero Journal Hors Serie 07 5-04 - Brewster Buffalo.pdf
Aero Journal Hors-Serie 02 (7-01) - La Bataille de Midway.pdf
Aero Journal Hors-Serie 07 (5-04) - Brewster Buffalo.pdf
Aero Journal Hors-Serie 10 (11-05) - Potez 630, 631, 633.pdf
Aero Pictorials 03-RAAF and RNZAF in the Pacific.pdf
Aerofan Speciale #002- The Rich Booty Italian Aircraft In Luftwaffe Service.pdf
Aerofax - MiG-25 Foxbat MiG-31 Foxhound.pdf
Aeroguide 25 - Tiger Squadron Phantom.pdf
Aeroplane Magazine May-2005.pdf
Afrikakorps - Tropic Uniforms of German Army 1940-1945 (Czech).pdf
AFV Profile 05 - Light Tanks I-VI.pdf
AFV Weapons 02 - PanzerKampfWagen III.pdf
AFV Weapons 10 - PanzerKampfWagen V Panther.pdf
AFV Weapons 15 - PanzerKampfWagen I and II.pdf
AFV Weapons 18 - Hanomag Sd.Kfz 251.1 APC.pdf
AFV Weapons 55 - German Self Propelled Weapons.pdf
AFV-G2 - 1971 - 11.pdf
AH-56A Cheyenne - Lockheed .pdf
Air Aces of the Austro Hungarian Empire 1914 - 1918.pdf
Air Commando Fighters of World War 2.pdf
Air Force History and Museums Program - Air War over South Vietnam 1968-1975.pdf
Air Force Legends 204-Lockheed NF-104.pdf
Air Pictorial - 10-October-1958.pdf
Air Pictorial - Aug 1958.pdf
Air Pictorial - September 1959.pdf
Air Power for Patton's Army - The XIX Tactical Air Command in the Second World War By David N. Spires.pdf
Air Warfare - An International Encyclopedia.pdf
Airborne Assault on Holland.pdf
Airborne. World War II Paratroopers in Combat.pdf
Air-Britain Archive 2009-03.pdf
Aircraft 2009-12.pdf
Aircraft and Submarines.pdf
Aircraft of the Chaco War 1928-1935.pdf
Aircraft of the Luftwaffe.pdf
Aircraft Profile 261 Dornier Do 217 variants.pdf
AirDoc C002 Junkers Ju 88.pdf
AirDOC World War II Combat Aircraft Photo Archive Series 08 Heinkel He 177 Greif.pdf
Aire Force Space Command.pdf
Airfix - Classic AFVs 1 - Crusader.pdf
Airfix - Classic AFVs 2 - Lee & Grant.pdf
airfix magazine - wehrmacht markings.pdf
Airlife - Hawker Hurricane.pdf
AIRM 31.pdf
AIRM 33.pdf
Airplane Mag No 50.pdf
Airplanes 1.pdf
Airplanes 2.pdf
Airwarfare and airbase airdefense 1914-1973.pdf
AJ Press TankPower 008 - PzKpfw. V Panther vol.8.pdf
Ajaks AKM 02 Hurricane in Foreign Service.pdf
Ali d'Italia 10 - Fiat G-55.pdf
All or Nothing - The Axis and the Holocaust 1941-43 by Jonathan Steinberg.pdf
All the Kaiser's Men.pdf
Allen & Unwin - 25 April 1915.pdf
Allied Artillery of World War Two.pdf
Allied Secret The Sinking of Hmt Rohna.pdf
Almark - Afrika Corps 1941 42.pdf
Almark 03 - Panzer Grenadiers.pdf
Almark-Focus On Armour Camouflage & Markings_01-Germany North Africa.pdf
Alternatives to Hitler.pdf
Amazon to Ivanhoe _ British Standard Destroyers of the 30s.pdf
America in WW I 1574883909.pdf
American Aircraft Of The WW2.pdf
American Aircraft of WWII.pdf
American Inquisition the Hunt for Japanese American Disloyalty in World War II.pdf
American Military Patch Guide.pdf

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