Michael Tsarion - Divination and the Goddess Tradition

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In Program Three, of the "Origins & Oracles" series, Michael Tsarion investigates the real history of religion and reveals its Egyptian origins.

In the tradition of Joseph Campbell, Michael reveals the origins of the enigmatic Book of Genesis, and the actual hidden
significance of religion, yoga, magick, ritual and science.

This true meaning has been concealed so that humans remain disempowered and removed from their source. Prayers go unanswered, people remain lost, and humanity heads toward the precipice of oblivion, raping the planet and fighting endlessly.

We might ask if it is God or Lucifer who presides over the world, and over the minds of men. Regardless of the miasma and debauchery, the truth of man's existence remains within the secret traditions. It is now time for ordinary people to have the facts which will make sense of their lives and beliefs.

4hr 36mins

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