Mastermix DJ MP3 Set 14


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Mastermix DJ Only CD's 363-373 

Each Issue includes special mixes of popular songs or artists some also have "Toolkits" which include jingles, samples etc...

All tracks are in MP3 format.

Mastermix-Issue-363\Disc1\01 - Mastermix - The DJ Set 80s Club Classics.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-363\Disc1\02 - Mastermix - Get The Party Started.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-363\Disc1\03 - The Chainsmokers - Triple Tracker The Chainsmokers - Remixed.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-363\Disc1\04 - Mastermix - Music For Food pt.8.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-363\Disc1\05 - Mastermix - Ariana Grande vs. Katy Perry.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-363\Disc2\01 - Mastermix - Chart Mix September 2016.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-363\Disc2\02 - Mastermix - The Warm Up Mix 60s.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-363\Disc2\03 - Mastermix - Triple Tracker Summer Covers.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-363\Disc2\04 - Mastermix - Disco Inferno pt.1.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-363\Disc2\05 - Mastermix - Zara Larsson vs. Pink.mp3

Mastermix-Issue-364-(2016)\Disc1\01 - Mastermix - Chart Mix October 2016.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-364-(2016)\Disc1\02 - Mastermix - Serious Mixin' - Classic Cuts.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-364-(2016)\Disc1\03 - Mastermix - The Warm Up Mix - Halloween.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-364-(2016)\Disc1\04 - Ariana Grande - Triple Tracker Ariana Grande.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-364-(2016)\Disc1\05 - Mastermix - Ray Parker Jr vs. Mark Ronson.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-364-(2016)\Disc2\01 - Mastermix - The DJ Set Hi-NRG Disco.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-364-(2016)\Disc2\02 - Mastermix - Music For Food pt.9.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-364-(2016)\Disc2\03 - Mastermix - Triple Tracker - Chart Breakers Remixed.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-364-(2016)\Disc2\04 - Mastermix - Halloween Slam.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-364-(2016)\Disc2\05 - Mastermix - Rihanna vs. TLC.mp3

Mastermix-Issue-365-November-(2016)\cd1\Elton John - Rocket Man (I Think It's Going To Be A Long Time) (Starchaser Remix).mp3
Mastermix-Issue-365-November-(2016)\cd1\Various Artists - 80's Breakdance Slam.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-365-November-(2016)\cd1\Various Artists - Chart Mix November 2016.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-365-November-(2016)\cd1\Various Artists - Pop Princesses.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-365-November-(2016)\cd1\Various Artists - The Sound Of Tropical House.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-365-November-(2016)\cd2\Katy Perry Vs Underworld - Born Slippy Fireworks.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-365-November-(2016)\cd2\Various Artists - 90's Flashback.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-365-November-(2016)\cd2\Various Artists - Chartbreakers Triple Tracker.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-365-November-(2016)\cd2\Various Artists - Laidback Beats.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-365-November-(2016)\cd2\Various Artists - Time 2 Burn.mp3

Mastermix-Issue-366\CD1\Shawn Mendes vs. Fall Out Boy - Treat You Better For The Memories.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-366\CD1\Various - Dance Anthems Best of 2016.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-366\CD1\Various - Rock & Roll Dance Party.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-366\CD1\Various - Triple Tracker Chartbreakers.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-366\CD1\Various - Urban Shakedown Best Of 2016.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-366\CD2\Jack š Fe. Justin Bieber vs. Ariana Grande - Where Are You Now vs. Let Me Love You.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-366\CD2\Various - Classic Hits.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-366\CD2\Various - Northern Soul Banana.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-366\CD2\Various - Stop!....Party Time.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-366\CD2\Various - The Big Fat Party Mix.mp3

Mastermix-Issue-367-January-2017\CD1\Various Artists - Back To The 80s pt. 1.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-367-January-2017\CD1\Various Artists - Chart Mix.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-367-January-2017\CD1\Various Artists - The Party Set pt. 1.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-367-January-2017\CD1\Various Artists - Triple Tracker R'n'B - 1999.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-367-January-2017\CD1\Various Artists - Weekender Anthems pt. 1.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-367-January-2017\CD2\Various Artists - Dancehall For The Dancefloor.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-367-January-2017\CD2\Various Artists - Sounds Of The 70s pt. 1.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-367-January-2017\CD2\Various Artists - The DJ's Set - Afrobeat.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-367-January-2017\CD2\Various Artists - The Vault - 90s Euro Anthems.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-367-January-2017\CD2\Various Artists - Wiz Khalifa vs. Bridgit Mendler.mp3

Mastermix-Issue-368-February-2017\CD 1\01 - Mastermix - 24k Pop.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-368-February-2017\CD 1\02 - Mastermix - Back To The 80s pt.2.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-368-February-2017\CD 1\03 - Mastermix - The Party Set pt.2.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-368-February-2017\CD 1\04 - Mastermix - Triple Tracker Little Mix.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-368-February-2017\CD 1\05 - Mastermix - Mixed Emotions - Modern Love.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-368-February-2017\CD 2\01 - Mastermix - The DJ's Set 80s Floorfillers.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-368-February-2017\CD 2\02 - Mastermix - The Vault - Party Hits 3.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-368-February-2017\CD 2\03 - Mastermix - Soulful Sexy Reggae.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-368-February-2017\CD 2\04 - Mastermix - Sounds Of The 70s pt.2 Rock.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-368-February-2017\CD 2\05 - Mastermix - Arctic Monkeys vs. Twenty One Pilots.mp3

Mastermix-Issue-369-March-(2017)\Disc 1\101. Chart Hits March 2017 starts 'Shed a Light' (124-127).mp3
Mastermix-Issue-369-March-(2017)\Disc 1\102. Back to the 80s pt.3 Euro Pop starts 'Touch Me' (105-120).mp3
Mastermix-Issue-369-March-(2017)\Disc 1\103. Step Back In Time 2017 (125).mp3
Mastermix-Issue-369-March-(2017)\Disc 1\104. Irish Country Jive starts 'It's Friday' (90~101).mp3
Mastermix-Issue-369-March-(2017)\Disc 1\105. Throwback 2000-2003 Dance starts' Shiny Disco Balls' (135~140).mp3
Mastermix-Issue-369-March-(2017)\Disc 2\201. The DJ's Set Smooth Soul starts 'Back To Life' (101~109).mp3
Mastermix-Issue-369-March-(2017)\Disc 2\202. St Patrick's Party Mix starts 'Drunken Sailor' (122~138).mp3
Mastermix-Issue-369-March-(2017)\Disc 2\203. Something for the Weekend starts 'Cheap Thrills' (90~109).mp3
Mastermix-Issue-369-March-(2017)\Disc 2\204. Sounds of the 70s pt.3 Easy Listening starts 'I'd Love You To Want Me' (75~92).mp3
Mastermix-Issue-369-March-(2017)\Disc 2\205. Bruno Mars vs Fifth Harmony - 24k Magic vs Work from Home (107).mp3

MasterMix-issue-370-April-2017\101. Chart Mix April 2017 starts 'Stay' (104).mp3
MasterMix-issue-370-April-2017\102. Back to the 80s pt.4, Rock~Alternative starts' World Shut Your Mouth' (126~139).mp3
MasterMix-issue-370-April-2017\103. Swing the Groove starts 'Whatta Man' (87~97).mp3
MasterMix-issue-370-April-2017\104. Pop Hits April 2017 starts 'I Feel It Coming' (94~102).mp3
MasterMix-issue-370-April-2017\105. The Vault, In a Philly Mood starts 'Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now' (126).mp3
MasterMix-issue-370-April-2017\201. The DJ's Set, Northern Soul starts 'Love on a Mountain Top' (129~134).mp3
MasterMix-issue-370-April-2017\202. Throwback 2004-2007 Dance starts 'Flashdance' (130).mp3
MasterMix-issue-370-April-2017\203. The Wedding Collection pt.1, Chilled Vibes starts 'Sweet Thing' (81~93}.mp3
MasterMix-issue-370-April-2017\204. Girls Night Out April 2017 starts 'Murder on the Dancefloor' (126).mp3
MasterMix-issue-370-April-2017\205. Sia vs Britney Spears - The Greatest vs You Drive Me Crazy (101).mp3

Mastermix-Issue-371\CD 1\Mastermix - Back To The 80's (Pt. 5) (New Romantics).mp3
Mastermix-Issue-371\CD 1\Mastermix - Chart Mix.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-371\CD 1\Mastermix - Forgotten Pop.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-371\CD 1\Mastermix - Garage (Now & Then).mp3
Mastermix-Issue-371\CD 1\Mastermix - Rock The Pop Party.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-371\CD 2\Ed Sheeran Vs Ace Of Base - All That She Wants Is The Shape Of You.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-371\CD 2\Mastermix - Classic House (Pete Tong).mp3
Mastermix-Issue-371\CD 2\Mastermix - Legends (Pt. 1).mp3
Mastermix-Issue-371\CD 2\Mastermix - Summer Slam!.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-371\CD 2\Mastermix - The Wedding Collection (Pt. 2) (Kings Of Swing).mp3

Mastermix-Issue-372-June-(2017)\cd1\KT Tunstall vs Red Hot Chili Peppers - Black Horse & Cherry Tree vs The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-372-June-(2017)\cd1\Mastermix - Chart Mix.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-372-June-(2017)\cd1\Mastermix - It's Party Time!.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-372-June-(2017)\cd1\Mastermix - The Evolution Of Dance Part 1.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-372-June-(2017)\cd1\Mastermix - Urban Cuts.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-372-June-(2017)\cd2\Mastermix - Back To The 80's Part 6 Party Classics.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-372-June-(2017)\cd2\Mastermix - Disco Sauce Second Helpings!.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-372-June-(2017)\cd2\Mastermix - Legends Part 2 The 60's.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-372-June-(2017)\cd2\Mastermix - The DJ's Set Soul & Funk.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-372-June-(2017)\cd2\Mastermix - The Wedding Collection Part 3.mp3

Mastermix-Issue-373-(July-2017)\Disc1\01 - Mastermix - Chart Hits.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-373-(July-2017)\Disc1\02 - Mastermix - Long Hot Summer.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-373-(July-2017)\Disc1\03 - Mastermix - One For The Boys.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-373-(July-2017)\Disc1\04 - Mastermix - Big Hits 2017 Dance.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-373-(July-2017)\Disc1\05 - Mastermix - A Bit Of A Knees Up!.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-373-(July-2017)\Disc2\01 - Mastermix - The DJ's Set Summer Dance - Ryan Bailey.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-373-(July-2017)\Disc2\02 - Mastermix - Back To The 80's part 7 Alternative.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-373-(July-2017)\Disc2\03 - Mastermix - Chart Hits 2017 part 1.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-373-(July-2017)\Disc2\04 - Mastermix - One For The Girls.mp3
Mastermix-Issue-373-(July-2017)\Disc2\05 - Mastermix - Maroon 5 vs Sean Paul.mp3

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