MAME Arcade Emulator + Over 27000 Roms Blu-Ray


Product information

MAME Emulator

For PC

Over 27000 Roms

This collection is on 2 Blu-Ray discs

Your PC will need to have a Blu-Ray rom drive.

This is the full zipped rom selection of Mame games

This disc ONLY contains emulator and zipped roms, no support files are included.

CHD files are also NOT included as they are over 250gb.

Support files IE: Artwork, cabinet, boards, manuals, snaps, icons, pcbs etc.. is available on a seperate Blu-Ray disc.

The main games are included with clones & bootlegs.

For a smaller selection of 5000 roms we have a DVD collection.

There are several emulators included.

32 Bit Mame

64 Bit Mame

Final Burn Alpha

IV Play

These emulators may not work correctly if run directly on this disc, it's better to copy all folder & files to your PC and run from there.

When using 32 or 64 bit Mame you wont get a full list of games but you can type in the name of the game you want to play and it will

show you the game. Press return to play the selected game.

IV Play will show you a list of ALL mame games, over 27,000.

Final Burn Alpha will lit only those games included on this disc, goto file and then load game.

Not all roms will work, there are known problems with quite a few of these roms but they are included for completeness.

Technical specifications

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