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Here is a wholesale package of Foreign Language Audio Courses for you to sell and make a serious part time income from.
There is a total of 16 Foreign Language Courses that have been collected together and carefully compiled onto 2 DVDs for you to resell individually.
Simply burn them separately to CDs and sell them with the accompanying student notes individually in any way you like to build up a serious part time income.
Or simply sell your own made up packages to make even more of an income.
It is really easy making money from these training courses as there is such a huge market for products of this nature and they can be very expensive to buy.
Sell them on eBay and make £££
Sell them from your own online shop.
Sell them at car boot sales or at trade fairs or shows.
Sell them at online classified sites like adtrader or fridayads.
Sell them to your friends at work or at College / University.
However you want to sell them is up to you.
Remember, you are buying 16 Language courses here so you cannot fail to make money.
So what will you be getting?
You will receive 2 DVDs containing 16 complete Foreign Language Audio Courses. Thats over 8GB of data and literally hundreds and hundreds of hours of audio crammed on these 2 Data DVDs. All the material is certified copyright free, we have independently confirmed this. You will therefore be able to reproduce the material as you see fit.
The courses each consist of a number of units that the student works through in sequence as they progress through the course. Each unit has both an audio element in MP3 format and accompanying student notes in Adobe format. The courses are suitable for beginners upwards and are designed to help students attain a level of competency where they can participate in and understand formal and informal conversations.
The language courses included in this unique money making compilation are:
French, German, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Cantonese, Greek, Vietnamese, Bulgarian, Finnish, Hebrew, Hungarian, Korean, Swedish, Swahili and Thai.
We have carefully organised the DVDs into folders for each language and then sub folders for the different units and accompanying student notes. You will therefore find it easy to burn individual language courses to separate CDs using something like Windows Media Player. Alternatively you could sell them as MP3 courses and aim your products at owners of Ipods or other MP3 players.
These are very extensive language courses and have been developed by the United States Government since the 1960s to train their overseas staff in foreign languages. They were originally intended to be instructor led courses but are also recognised as great for self led learning. These courses have their original accompanying student notes with them scanned into Adobe files for your buyers to simply print out. Alternatively you could print them out and sell as a box set.
Simply burn the courses to CD and sell the them individually for anything between £3 and £10 Each Course. With a blank CD costing about 10p and a CD case about the same, each course you make will only be costing you about 20p! Now tell me thats not a ridiculous profit margin. £2.80 - £14.80 profit on EVERY SALE!
If you want to you can design a label for your CDs with something like Pressit and make them look very professional for just a few pennies. The profit margins are then ridiculous as you could charge much more.

Set up your own online shop to sell them. It is very easy and setting up an online shop is free. We can point you at a couple of online shop providers who can have you up and running within an hour totally FREE!! Thats right, an online shop is quick to set up and will cost you nothing to do! Some charge a small percentage of your sales as a fee which is normally 5 - 10% of sales. As your profit margins are so large though this will be small change to you. Simply email us when you have received this product and we will point you at the online shop providers that we use.
This is a totally unique business opportunity
Act now and be one of the first to start earning serious part time money from this unique collection.
Please note that this collection was put together from information that has not been copyrighted and exists in the public domain.


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