Halloween Film Collection (Blu-Ray)

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This set contains all 10 of the Halloween horror films.

The first 6 films are taken from the restored Blu-Ray releases. The last 4 films are taken from the Blu-Ray releases.

Also included is a "Producer's Cut" version of the sixth film, The Curse Of Michael Myers.

The main differences between the 2 films are

Jamie survives throughout most of the Producer's Cut before she is shot in the head by a pistol equipped by a silencer by Dr. Wynn; whereas, in the theactrical version, she is killed off within the first few minutes by Michael when she is shoved into a corn thresher in a barn. Another appearance is a flashback sequence in which Jamie is kidnapped by Dr. Wynn. All in all, over seventy minutes of footage were cut out and replaced with new footage which wound up in the theactrical version. The ending is significantly different, as the Producer's Cut opened to bringing Dr. Loomis into further films in the series as the cult's leader, but this was replaced with Loomis's death when Donald Pleasence died, showing respect to the veteran Halloween actor. The next two films were dedicated to him. The theactrical version almost left out the cult concept in favor of Loomis being killed, whereas the Producer's Cut featured Dr. Loomis preparing to kill Michael, only to discover that the man in Michael's coveralls and mask was actually Dr. Wynn who had allowed Michael to escape. Loomis then looked on his arm to discover Thorn's symbol on his wrist, meaning he was the new cult leader. This was scrapped and a new ending was filmed.

Film Title Year Length Resolution Format
Halloween 1978 1h 30m 1080p mkv
Halloween Ii 1981 1h 32m 1080p mkv
Halloween Iii Season Of The Witch 1982 1h 38m 1080p mkv
The Return Of Michael Myers 1988 1h 28m 1080p mkv
The Revenge Of Michael Myers 1989 1h 37m 1080p mkv
The Curse Of Michael Myers 1995 1h 27m 1080p mkv
The Curse Of Michael Myers Producer's Cut 1995 1h 35m 720p mp4
H20 Twenty Years Later 1998 1h 26m 1080p mkv
Resurrection 2002 1h 29m 1080p mkv
Halloween 2007 2h 01m 1080p mkv
Halloween 2 2009 1h 59m 1080p wmv

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