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Ghost Brothers is an American television series about the paranormal that premiered on April 15, 2016 on Destination America, which is part of Discovery Communications. Produced by Pilgrim Media Group in association with Crybaby Media, the program follows ghost hunters Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass, and Marcus Harvey as they investigate locations around the United States that are reported to be haunted. The team is officially led by Spratt, with Mass and Harvey providing assistance and technical support. Season 2 aired on March 10, 2017 on TLC.


Based out of their hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, the Ghost Brothers are an all African-American group of ghost hunters who investigate the most haunted locations in America in an attempt to prove that ghosts are real. Before every investigation, their tagline is, "It's time to pop the trunk on these ghosts!", meaning open the door to their SUV's trunk where all their ghost hunting equipment is located. They also like to say, "Let's go ghosting!", and sing, "Ghost Brothers, ghosting out." when they roll out after their investigation is finished.

Opening Introduction:
“     There's a new team of paranormal investigators here to answer two questions about ghost hunting. Are ghosts for real? And why is everybody white? I'm Dalen, the leader of the group. We're three best friends who all had paranormal experiences as kids. Now that we're grown, we're not afraid to look for answers. I'm Juwan, and I'm a Ghost Brother. My name is Marcus, and I'm a Ghost Brother. Our mission is to hit the most haunted locations in america to prove that ghosts are for real. We are...the Ghost Brothers.

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