Childrens Classic TV Shows Set 01

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Missing 1 episode

Roobarb - When A Knight Lost His Day
Roobarb - When Custard Got Too Near The Bone
Roobarb - When Custard Stole The Show
Roobarb - When Custard Was Sorry
Roobarb - When It Was Christmas
Roobarb - When It Was Night
Roobarb - When It Wasn't Thorsday
Roobarb - When Roobarb Did The Lions Share
Roobarb - When Roobarb Didn't See The Sun Come Up
Roobarb - When Roobarb Found Sauce
Roobarb - When Roobarb Got A Long Break
Roobarb - When Roobarb Made A Spike
Roobarb - When Roobarb Mixed The Paint
Roobarb - When Roobarb Turned Over A New Leaf
Roobarb - When Roobarb Was At The End Of His Tether (And So Was Custard)
Roobarb - When Roobarb Was Being Bored Then Not Being Bored
Roobarb - When Roobarb Was Cheating
Roobarb - When Roobarb Wasn't As Pleased As Punch
Roobarb - When Roobarb's Heart Ruled His Head
Roobarb - When The Day Didn't Arrive
Roobarb - When The Day Wouldn't Keep Stil
Roobarb - When The Opera Wasn't A Phantom
Roobarb - When The Pipes Call The Tune
Roobarb - When The Sun Was Just Right
Roobarb - When The Tree Fell To Pieces
Roobarb - When There Was A Dance At Foxes Dale
Roobarb - When There Was Someone Else
Roobarb - When There Wasn't Treasure
Roobarb - When You're Going To Fly - Fly High


The Herbs - Belladonna The Witch
The Herbs - Chives Catch A Cold
The Herbs - Miss Jessop Tidies Up
The Herbs - Parsley And The Circus Lion
The Herbs - Parsley's Birthday Party
The Herbs - Parsley's Tail
The Herbs - Pashana Bedhi The Snake Charmer
The Herbs - Sage's Nest Blows Down
The Herbs - Sages Singing Lesson
The Herbs - Sir Basil's Fishing Expedition
The Herbs - Strawberry Picking
The Herbs - Tarragon And The Eggs
The Herbs - The Show


Trumpton - Cuthbert's Morning Off
Trumpton - Miss Lovelace And The Mayor's Hat
Trumpton - Miss Lovelace And The Statue
Trumpton - Mr Platt And The Painter
Trumpton - Mrs Cobbit And The Ice Cream Man
Trumpton - Pidgeons
Trumpton - Telephone
Trumpton - The Bill Poster
Trumpton - The Greenhouse
Trumpton - The Mayor's Birthday
Trumpton - The Plumber
Trumpton - The Rag And Bone Man
Trumpton - The Window Cleaner


The Magic Roundabout 1 (13 Episodes)
The Magic Roundabout 2 (13 Episodes)
The Magic Roundabout 3 (13 Episodes)
The Magic Roundabout 4 (13 Episodes)

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