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mathematics, magic squares, the divine proportion and sacred geometry. Plus an introduction to : the Language of Light; Dyslexic Children; Finger Computations; Universal Times Table; Human Bio-Calculator; Digital Compression; Masters of Ancient Knowledge; Artificial Intelligence; Training Manuals; Ancient Puzzles; The Vedic Square; Shadow of a Crystal; Language of Shape; Complementary Pairs; Universal Memory Bank; Fixed Design; Lost Secrets of the Phi Code; Fibonacci Numbers; Galactic & Atomic Memory; Grand Secret; The Pentacle; Path of the Planets; Shapes of Sound; The Key to Time Travel; 3-D view of the Spiral; Compression of the Spiral; Symbol of the Heart; Point of Creation; Principle of Implosion; Mathematics of DNA; Geometry in DNA; The 5 Elements; Frequencies in Shapes; Pythagoras; The Golden Mean Relationship; Above and Below Unity; Nesting of the Platonic Solids; The Shadow Matrix; 3-D Pentacle; The Star of David; 4-D Triangle; Star Tetrahedron; Gender of Geometry; Cosmogenesis; Sacred Geometry in DNA.

Very highly recommended indeed.

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