American Gunsmithing Institute Courses - Set 03

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Armorers Courses

How-to Gunsmithing & Customizing Videos

Teaches Basic and Advanced Firearms Maintenance, Customizing, and Gunsmithing Repair for hobbyist and Professional. Study at home and get Certified as a Gunsmith.

Each video is around 2 hours long.

This set contains

Agi 121 - Hi-Standard Auto Pistol Armorer's Course.avi
Agi 122 - Fn-Fal Rifles Armorer's Course.avi
Agi 123 - Sig Auto Pistols Armorer's Course.m4v
Agi 127 - Browning A-5 Shotgun Armorer's Course.avi
Agi 124 - Colt Single Action Revolvers Armorer's Course.m4v
Agi 125 - Winchester 97 Pump Shotgun Armorer's Course.avi
Agi 126 - Marlin 1894 And 336 Armorer's Course.m4v

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