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Nearly all of the items on this website will work on all versions of Windows from XP upwards. But some items are in a format Windows XP does not recognise by default, it needs a helping hand, this is nothing to do with the actual files on the disc. If you get a disc that seems to be blank, IE no folders or files, and you are using Windows XP, please try it in another computer if possible. If the disc is still not reading give us an email and it will be replaced. If the disc is ok in another computer then you may need to install the UDF driver. This is installed when you install various disc writing software, like Nero, or you can download the file from the link below and install it.
included in the ZIP file is a TEXT file with full instructions.

UDF Driver For Windows XP

Thanks to a kind customer for supplying the link.

If the same thing happens if you are using an Apple Mac device then contact us, it's well known on the Apple user forums that Apple devices are very particular about which discs Apple allows them to read, and its well known that certain brands of DVD discs will not read at all.