If you use Kodi for streaming you may have seen various bits of news about the legality of using certain Kodi plugins.

It is now illegal to sell a fully loaded Kodi box, and also to use plugins for streaming things like sports events and films.

You may also know about torrents or bit torrent. this is a way of downloading illegal films, tv shows, music etc. The way it works is that you use a torrent client program and it downloads the film to your computer is very small bits until it has fully downloaded. The problem with that is that as it is downloading it is also uploading to other computers on the internet. This is where the trouble starts as this, in the eyes of the law, is classed as distribution, and carries a much harsher penalty over just plain downloading. In fact it’s distribution that they are mostly looking for.

How does this relate to Kodi?

Most of the streaming plugins for Kodi use torrents to stream the content like sports events, tv shows, films etc. it downloads small chunks of the video for you to watch then deletes the chunks after you have watched them. But like any torrent it is uploading to other computers at the same time, so again distributing, even though you car not keeping anything on your computer.

This means you are at risk for the act of distributing content even though you are only watching the film and not downloading to keep it.

Using torrents or streaming with Kodi also puts the security of your computer at risk.

In order to allow a torrent to work, or Kodi stream, you have to allow it through any firewall or anti virus program, this opens your computer up to hackers.

When you download/stream a torrent file (film etc.) it is split into 100’s of tiny pieces and those pieces can be anywhere across the internet on many computers. in order to download/stream it your computer has to directly connect to many other computers (peers). but you cannot verify who or what is on the other end. It could be just someone else getting the file but also could be law enforcement watching who’s getting the file and following the pieces. This is why when you hear of someone getting caught downloading it is always using torrents as it is very easy for them to catch people using them.

You can, of course, use a VPN to mask your activity, but you cannot hide fully, especially from your internet provider. the laws have now changed so that in the UK your internet provider has to hand over information about your activity when asked to do so, and the law has also made the internet provider more responsible for what happens on their network, hence their blocking of various torrent websites.

This is just a heads up for Kodi users, you have to be very careful these days when using plugin to stream the latest films or TV shows and sporting events.

If you use Kodi to watch the tv shows from our discs then this is not the same and as long as you haven’t setup a server to stream them to your friends and family you will be ok.

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